Department of Library & Information Science Profile, ANDHRA UNIVERSITY Print

The Department of Library and Information Science, Andhra University had its origin in 1935 when the Senate sanctioned a summer school as well as a regular school of librarianship.  Dr. M.O.Thomas, M.A., B.D., Ph.D., Dip. L.S. (London), F.L.A. organized these courses.  According to him the courses were designed to suit the requirements to both the higher and the lower orders of librarianship and they led either to a Graduate University Diploma or a certificate of proficiency course was the first of its kind conducted in our country.

However, it appears the course had a checkered progress after 1938 when both Dr. M.O.Thomas and Sri. C.G.Viswanathan left the University, During Second World War the University was shifted to Guntur .  The courses were revived in 1948, and C.L.Sc. and D.L.Sc. courses were conducted till 1958.


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