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Libraries are the reservoir of knowledge and information. As India is moving towards a knowledge society with proliferation of learning and research institutes the demand and importance of library science is growing rapidly. Consequently, job opportunities for librarians are on the upswing. Librarianship is as profession is concerned with storage, organizing and maintenance of books, papers and journals. Nevertheless, with the advent of information technology and computers the traditional concept of is being redesigned to include not only books and other printed materials but also new tools of information like CD-ROM, internet, virtual libraries etc.



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Digital Library Blog (STANFORD UNIVERSITY LIBRARIES),SDR Deposit of the Week: Reliability of Marine Structures,AMI E. HODGE PDF Print E-mail


Construction of marine facilities is an expensive endeavor, with platforms built in deep waters costing in the billions of dollars. That makes it important to do it right the first time. Research at the John A. Blume Center for Earthquake Engineering has helped to advance the offshore industry's knowledge of how to build these structures more reliably.


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NYPL Blogs,20 Reasons Why You Should Write Your Family History(by Carmen Nigro,February 9, 2015) PDF Print E-mail

About the blog

The New York Public Library's public weblogs, a new space where a small but growing number of librarians, curators and other staff are posting regular dispatches from their corner of the NYPL community.

With over 50 million items, and thousands of events, services and exhibitions spread across the library system each year, staff are faced with the near impossible task of shedding light on the many hidden treasures and resources on offer here at NYPL. In a sense, the library is like an enormous iceberg: the section peaking above the water represents only a small fraction of its overall size. These blogs are designed to better document and promote this immense trove of information.


If you have done any family history research, such as looking for records on and or conducting interviews with older family members, you may have pondered writing about your genealogy research. Here are 20 reasons why you should cease pondering and start writing.
LAE LIBRARY BLOG,LGBT history in LSE Archives and Special Collections, PDF Print E-mail

About This Blog

This is the official blog of LSE Library, featuring a mixture of news, opinion, information and research related to the Library’s work.

February is LGBT history month and the First National Literary Festival of LGBT History is taking place this year in Manchester. In recognition of these events, there is an overview of LGBT collections held in LSE Archives below.
Co-incidentally, an interesting news item on the eve of LGBT History Month is the announcement by Selfridges that it will be launching gender-neutral clothing and is the first British retailer to respond to this increasing demand. From March this year, the Agender range will be available for six weeks. Campaigners have welcomed this move saying that gender stereotypes need to be challenged.
British Library blogs,The wily Malay mousedeer,10 FEBRUARY 2015 ASIAN AND AFRICAN STUDIES 10 FEBRUARY 2015 ASIAN AND AFRICAN STUDIES PDF Print E-mail

About our blogs

These blogs express the thoughts and opinions of individual British Library staff members. You can subscribe to any blog by email.

About the Article


Many cultures celebrate an animal who, while not the largest or strongest, outwits all around him. In Europe this is Reynard the fox; in the Malay world of Southeast Asia it is Sang Kancil the mousedeer (pelanduk). Malay folklore is...

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