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CALIBNET (Calcutta Library Network) PDF Print E-mail

CALIBNET (Calcutta Library Network)

Services Provided:

•Databases Services •Catalogue Based services •Inter Library Loan •Document delivery services •Union List of Conference Proceedings •Index to Asiatic Society Journals •Specialists Database •Institutions Database •Union Catalogue of Social Science Serials . KNOW MORE...

BTISNET (Biotechnology Information System Network) PDF Print E-mail

BTISNET (Biotechnology Information System Network)

The broad objectives of Biotechnology Information System Network programme are:

i) To provide a national bioinformation network designed to bridge the inter-disciplinary gaps on biotechnology information and establish link among scientists in organisations involved in R&D and manufacturing activities in the country.

ii) To build information resources, prepare databases on biotechnology and to develop relevant information handling tools and techniques.

DBT e-Library Consortium (DeLCON) is a unique Electronic Journal Consortium which is operational since January 2009. Currently the Consortium includes 16 DBT Institutions including ICGEB, New Delhi and 18 North Eastern Region (NER) Institutions. The Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council (BIRAC), New Delhi is also part of DeLCON. Now, the total 'DeLCON Members' are 34. A total of 926 selective Journals and a Database (SCOPUS) are covered under DeLCON. These all are accessible by the DeLCON Consortium Members through the DeLCON Portal can also view and access abstracts of papers as free of costs.

Services Provided:

•Email •File transfer •Remote Login, •Database AccessData processing using applications software;Online communication access; facsimile facility. KNOW MORE...

ADINET (Ahmedabad Library Network) PDF Print E-mail

ADINET (Ahmedabad Library Network)

Networking and resource sharing assumes a great importance at this juncture and such a solution is being effectively provided by ADINET to the users and librarians specializing in any discipline of knowledge and available anywhere in the world.

Services Provided:

•Database of Current periodicals•Inter Library Loan•CUCOLIS Supply of Photocopies •Database of databases •JOLI •Special internet training to fresh qualified librarians •Study circle •Jobs for Librarians •Free listing of qualified Librarians on ADINET website.  KNOW MORE.....

National Informatics Centre (NIC NET) PDF Print E-mail

National Informatics Centre (NIC NET)

National Informatics Centre (NIC) was established in 1976, and has since emerged as a "prime builder" of e-Government / e-Governance applications up to the grassroots level as well as a promoter of digital opportunities for sustainable development. NIC, through its ICT Network, "NICNET", has institutional linkages with all the Ministries /Departments of the Central Government, 35 State Governments/ Union Territories, and about 625 District administrations of India. NIC has been instrumental in steering e-Government/e-Governance applications in government ministries/departments at the Centre, States, Districts and Blocks, facilitating improvement in government services, wider transparency, promoting decentralized planning and management, resulting in better efficiency and accountability to the people of India.


Education and Research Network (ERNET) PDF Print E-mail

Education and Research Network (ERNET)

ERNET India is an autonomous scientific society under the administrative control of Dept. of Information Technology, Government of India having one of the largest nationwide terrestrial and satellite network with 15 points of presence located at the premier academic and research institutions in major cities of the country. Focus of ERNET India is not limited to just providing connectivity, but to meet the entire needs of the academic and research institutions by providing consultancy, project management, training and other value added services such as web hosting, e-mail services, video conferencing, domain registration, CUG services.

ERNET India is serving more than 1300 institutions in various sectors, namely, health, agriculture, higher education, schools and science & technology. ERNET was also identified by Govt. of India as the nodal network for India and was connected through high-speed link to the pan-European Education and Research Network (GEANT)during 2006 to 2010. The ERNET-GEANT connectivity is now available through Trans Eurasia Information Network (TEIN3).


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