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BTISNET (Biotechnology Information Systems Network)

  Recognizing the importance of information technology for pursuing advanced research in modern biology and biotechnology, a bioinformatics programme, envisaged as a distributed database and network organisation, was launched during 1986-87.  

 The programme has become a very successful vehicle for transfer and exchange of information, scientific knowledge, technology packages and references in the country involving 10-12 thousand scientific personnel. Six Centres of Excellence, Eleven Distributed Information Centres and an Apex Centre at the Department of Biotechnology, 51 Sub-Distributed Information Centres and 98 Bioinformatics Infrastructure Facilities located in Universities and Research Institutes of national importance, are fully engaged in this task. Six national facilities have been set up for interactive graphics based molecular modelling and other biocomputational needs. Five long term courses at the level of post M.Sc. Diploma in Bioinformatics, at Pune University, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Calcutta University, Pondicherry University and Madurai Kamaraj University, are fullfilling the long outstanding need for trained human resources in this inter-disciplinary area. The entire network has emerged as a very sophisticated scientific infrastructure for bioinformatics involving state-of-the-art computational and communication facilities.


The broad objectives of Biotechnology Information System Network programme are:

i) To provide a national bioinformation network designed to bridge the inter-disciplinary gaps on biotechnology information and establish link among scientists in organisations involved in R&D and manufacturing activities in the country.

ii) To build information resources, prepare databases on biotechnology and to develop relevant information handling tools and techniques.

iii) To continuously assess information requirements, create and improve necessary infrastructure and to provide informatics based support and services to the national community of users working in biotechnology and allied areas.

iv) To coordinate efforts to access Biotechnology information worldwide including establishing linkages with some of the international resources of Biotechnology information (e.g. Databanks on genetic materials, published literature, patents, and other information of scientific and commercial value). etc

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